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Construction Contract advice for Owners prior to awarding any contract –  provides assurance that the contract is a best fit for the purpose.

Project delivery methodologies and trade packaging – Buildability and co-ordination are key to a successful project/job. The various elements are brought together, ensuring communication always arrives at the  ‘the responsible person/party’ avoiding risks to you.

Scope of works compilation – An accurate scope of works is critical to reduce the risk of variations or changes during the work.

Tender document production – A concise set of documents become the ‘bible’ of knowledge and procedure.

Contractor identification, qualification and verification- Many organisations offers a ‘desk top’ verification of legal compliance, but does not verify quality or timely attendance. Our  process investigates  & interviews previous clients and builds a history of the contractors workmanship/quality, Politeness, late deliveries or no delivery and an overall view of value for money.

Closing tenders – Reviewing submissions is sometimes difficult with alternatives offered, presentation styles and language of inclusions and exclusions. Our expertise is best placed to adjudicate these submissions

Contract Administration – The administration of any engagement must include checks, payments, mitigate risks and closure. The extent of involvement depends on the contract type/size and the expectations of the Client. This could range from simply ad-hoc visits to daily on site attendance, as the case maybe. 

Completed works through to defect recording – Each request for payment must be verified before and agreed prior to issuing an invoice. Payment must be withheld if in doubt.

Management through the defect liability period – It is not usual for the Builders to manage this period the likelihood of defects is common. We focus on immediate management on the critical items of defective work. With other defects corrected in a programmed approach.


Development of contract conditions for small orders (minor works) – Before engaging any worker, contract conditions should be reviewed, these must be the seller conditions that are applied.

Contract conditions for term contractors and maintenance contractors – Term contracts usually have a perpetual clause and causes old ways and conditions to be carried forward. 

Review existing term contractors for changes for betterment –We review current contracts and ensure notices are issued in a timely manner to extend or cancel.

Simple site visits to mitigate risk – Checks on work status are beneficial before payment is made avoiding overpayments. Also periodic maintenance checks are cost effective.

Provision of guidelines for when to use single quotes, min 3 quotes & when to call tenders – Not knowing which contract to engage, with the sometimes non professionals bearing the risk of inappropriate contracts and work orders. We can advise the ‘when’, ‘how’, ’the type’ and process to accept a single or one of 3 quotes for acceptance.


Updating reviewed By-Laws (after new legislation Nov 2016) –By-laws are drafted in plain English to encompass the desired thoughts, then validated by legal.

Property Surveys (non-destructive) – An experienced Inspector can usually diagnose the issues from an initial visual inspection and offer some suggestions of action.

Review Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)- 

All works no matter size, type or location must have a swms, be available for review some time before work commences. A review provides knowledge if the work is to be carried out safely.

Chair meetings and record minutes (particularly for construction works) – 

Chairing meetings is a thankless task, we are different and we enjoy this task, free yourself of this burden to enjoy other things.

Initial investigations for Sustainable improvements – 

Power, Water savings are always high on an agenda the savings created can fund other essential works.

Security Reviews regarding your  access and egress requirements – 

Strata blocks have a mix of people, the security must be carefully managed and records held. The cost of a ‘block’ lock change is expensive. The access and egress mechanism can vary tremendously , we assist to evaluate the specific needs. 

Peer Reviews – Peer reviews are used extensively by all prudent companies. We review documents already prepared by one of our independent experts, where we can provide betterment to the documents and further reduce risks for the Client.

Probity and conflict of interest advise – This aspect can sometimes be missed in the frenzy of committee work, inadvertently risk losing integrity in their dealings. We can advise to avoid such incidents.

Investigation of work requested by Lot owners and claims that the works are not owner responsibility –Issues occur for time to time of mis appropriation of costs, either by the owner or others. We offer a qualified review and conclusion.  

Independent look at insurance assessor reporting and refusals – Reviews of the accessors findings should be challenged and can in some cases be overturned to benefit Owners.

You may consider the benefit of using this different approach and outsource those annoying duties. 

Our capabilities and resources can provide the service that you require designed specifically for you. Allowing your own resources to provide what you are best at doing without the worry of attempting difficult activities.

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Tell us what your concerns or queries are. We will provide you with easy to follow help and advice.

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