Strata Owners

Help to achieve the maximum return on your investment

Your investment is our passion. We investigate work done or planned work. We substantiate claims that the works are not owner responsibility. Issues occur for time to time of misappropriation of costs. We offer qualified reviews and propose useful conclusions.
We look at insurance assessor reporting of claims and their acceptance or refusals.
Reviews of the accessors findings are challenged and cases are overturned to benefit the Owners.
We will do simple site visits to mitigate risk – Checks on work status are beneficial before payment
is completed, avoiding incomplete or substandard work after payment has completed.
Your concerns can be seen by an experienced Inspector who can usually diagnose the issues from an initial visual inspection and offer some suggestions of action.
Attending strata meetings can be daunting, particularly if you have an issue to raise. We can attend on your behalf or attend as a support person and save you the worry. Meetings can be boring, we are different and we enjoy this task.

Strata Committees

Our service’s are an affordable ‘risk management process’ which mitigates known risks and avoids unnecessary costs.
A good result is the ‘job’ done once, within the 8me specified and value for money.
Chair meetings and record of minutes can be tedious, we are different and we enjoy this task, free yourself of this burden to enjoy other things. We will guarantee the minutes issued within the allocated time permitted.
Committee members can be generous with their time. Rational, Intelligent Volunteers without
relevant experience may struggle to confidently progress the matters from the meetings, our
minutes are so prepared that each item is allocated to a member and given a date for completion.
SPS is there to pick-up where and when the Strata Committee and the Strata Manager’s skills fade.

We assist blocks without a Building Manager where the essential services are at a greater risk of failing and cause a call for emergency repairs to correct the incident. Regular inspection of the services will mitigate most emergency call outs (currently at a cost in NSW of $2.4M). These are manageable items requiring periodic inspections not funded from the Capex funds. Emergency
work is un-budgeted.
We aim to stop quotes and work items being inadvertently accepted for specialists, trades and the handyman which can place the strata committee at risk should the scope or the contract not be
appropriate. We provide concise content of informa8on specifically tailored to your requirements.
Contract conditions must be the sellers conditions. The Committee may not know which contract to engage, leaving the risk of inappropriate contracts and work orders being issued. We can advise the ‘when’, ‘the how’, ’the type’ ‘the process’.
We will do your checks on work status are beneficial before payment is made avoiding overpayments.
We provide you guidelines for when to accept single quotes, or a minimum of 3 quotes or when to call tenders.
Updating By-Laws or adding ByLaws is an expensive service usually done without passion by Legal companies. We will draft your By-laws as you want them to encompass your desired requirements, they can then be validated by legal.

Strata Managers

We commit to working closely with Strata Managers to provide the best possible solutions and provide a single point of contact on all matters whether Technical, Owner or Committee focussed.
We assist you to deliver realis8c, 8mely and cost- effec8ve outcomes/solu8ons for your clients.
Your joint actions generally result in value for money, increased quality certainty, satisfaction for your clients and kudos for you. With a ‘no worry comfort’ for you and your Clients.
We provide proposals that will provide informed choices for resolution offering cost savings, reduce your risks and provide expected better outcomes, avoiding such things as: excessive up-front deposits, unnecessary costs, unqualified variations, delays and disruptions, or labour just not turning up.
Our services to you are targeted at working with you, assisting you to satisfy those specific needs which are somewhat alien. An emphasis in the amended Act is on the Owners Corporation’s obligation to maintain and repair common property. Doing so often includes procuring (ordering) major and minor services. SPS are acutely aware of the errors and omissions that are synonymous with the very busy Strata Industry, observing some companies systemically taking advantage of Clients who have not realised the importance of their commitments. We remove that ambiguity from your risks.
Committee members can be generous with their time. Although rational, intelligent volunteers without relevant experience may struggle to confidently progress procurement and building- related projects. SPS is there to pick-up where and when the skills responsibly fade.

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