Strata Owners

You want the maximum return on your unit/lot as an investor or an Owner occupier?

We are not a ‘one size fits all’ type company. We tailor the services you want into a bespoke/customised approach specific for your wants/needs. As your needs change so can our approach to suit the needs at the time.

If you have a question please ask, asking is free and the response is complimentary, you may get the answer you have been searching for. We will not continue to follow up the initial contact (unless you want us to).

Typical questions we get asked.

Q. -At times inappropriate trade workers are engaged, the work is poorly completed and they do not come back to complete or repair it. How can we avoid this?

A. -Engagements by Owner or Owners Corporation can be lacking in detail, causing the engagement to be based on little or no detail and to an inappropriate trades person/company.  We can assist up front by ensuing each and every engagement is carried out under some control by the issue of a work order with scope and detail including conditions to the best suited trades person/company. All finished work should be inspected for quality and completeness before payment.

Q. -I can’t get to the strata committee meetings and need to ask some questions?

A. -Attendance of owners (not on the committee) cannot disrupt the meeting. Although owners can attend as observers, it can help if an independent joins the meeting to observe and may with permission be allowed to participate on items they are concerned about. We have success in assisting owners to get their long awaited questions answered by the committee.

Q. -I need to ask the Committee/ Strata Manager some questions but I can’t get the wording right?

A. -You can contact us for a free consultation and this could help you to draft your questions. Volunteer Committee Members time is at a premium so a simple but detailed to the point question should enable the recipient to respond with a single reply giving you the answer you are looking for.

Q. -We suffer a lot of expensive emergency call outs for works, how can this cost be reduced?

A. -We are a pro-active and innovative team we pride ourselves in being able to future proof some unknowns and reduce call outs with excessive costs. Our experience can always provide beneficial solutions.

Q. -Do we need a By-Law to carry out works on or within your own lot?

A. -Ask for a free Consultation – The Act provides some guidelines. It is also dependent on the by-laws for your strata plan.  We will review your work proposal and your by-laws to provide you with what you need to do before working on your lot.

Q. -We are not sure where the common property starts and finishes in our building?

A. -If the strata plans are not clear it may be defined in the by-laws, you may also consider an inspection or simply ask us a question. In most cases our initial answer can be all you need.


Strata Committees

Our service’s are an affordable ‘risk management process’ which can mitigates known cost risks, resultant consequences and reduce anxiety.
A good result is the ‘job’ well done first time’, within the time specified and value for money.

Chair meetings and record of minutes can be tedious, we are different and we enjoy this task, free yourself of this burden to enjoy other things. A trouble free meeting is one of our many traits.
Strata Partnering & Services is there to pick-up where and when the Strata Committee’s are time poor.

Questions from Committee members

Q. When should we use a contract for trade workers?

A. A valid Contract should always be formed, this in its simplest form is an ‘offer and acceptance’. You offer they accept and a value changes hands. Any conditions imposed must be the Owners conditions.We aim to stop trades quotes inadvertently being accepted quotes. Scenarios which are inappropriate, include bias against the owners and the suppliers contract, being inappropriate. For your provision of concise content of information tailored to your requirements (see our contract services page).

Q. Which contract should we use?

A. There are several types of contract from simply to complex. In the most part (apart from major works) simple contract will suffice. These could be simply a work order with some pertinent conditions and requirements attached. We advise the ‘when’, ‘the how’, ’the type’ ‘the process’. Part of our Core Services is to manage the fair working of the engagement and ensure a satisfactory completion is achieved. The ‘contract’ is there as a safety-net should a concern be raised.

Q. When would it be ok to accept a single quote?

A. SPS has processes with measures to determine a guideline, when to accept single quotes, a minimum of 3 quotes or when to call tenders. SPS processes includes carefully considering the type and style of work required and match an engagement/contract to ensure best risk balanced outcome is created and used.

Q. -Our Strata Manager/ Strata Management Company over promises and under delivers. How can this situation be changed? 

A. – We provide the ad-hoc professional services for the committee for you to brief the Strata Manager, to enable any ‘disconnect’ between owners/committees to be bridged. This allows the Strata Manager to concentrate on their core services for your plan and allow the additional (often site based) attention to be looked after by Strata Partnering Services.

Q. – How does the Capital Work Plan budget work

A. -It is set each Annual General meeting. This is a cost budget for the foreseeable works required in the next 10 years.  If some work is required and not included in the resolved Capital Works Plan then an Extraordinary meeting is needed to set a special levy for the work.  We can help you understand all of these costs and also help you prioritise/reallocate the budgets.

Q. We are considering some changes to our By-Laws, do we need lawyer to do that?

A. Updating By-Laws or adding By-Laws can be an expensive and time consuming task.  We will listen to your requirements and draft them as you want them. Make them easily understood,Where they contain legal elements you can choose to have that validated  by Lawyers before registration.


Strata Managers

From the foregoing what can be identified that SPS can value to the strata outcomes across your portfolios.

A Speciality of SPS is Company to Strata Title Conversion  With our experiences we cover the detailed overall management of the conversion of company titled blocks to strata title blocks.

Other Services  We provide ad-hoc services to complete part complete works or actions not completed or left unattended  when your time is forcibly allocated to none core activities or the jobs get lodged in the ‘too hard basket‘.


SPS project experience covers the detailed project management of the conversion of company titled units to strata title, in addition to the everyday programs of essential maintenance works.
If you are interested in this cost effective change, or struggling with the time taken and complexity of a conversion in progress why not make an obligation free enquiry on how SPS can help.

We don’t ask for a fee so you can ask us questions. We give an initial complimentary consultation for you to ask questions about any strata concerns. We will listen to your concerns and respond in a timely manner offering advice and some guidance. This may be all you need to conclude your concern.

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