Strata Owners

We surmise you want the maximum return on your Unit as an investor or as an Owner occupier.

We are not a ‘one size fits all’ style company we tailor the services you want into a bespoke/customised approach specific for your wants/needs. As your needs change so can our approach to suit the needs at the time. Here are some typical questions we get asked.  If you have a question please ask, asking is free and the response is complimentary, you may get the answer you have been searching for. We will not persist in pestered you after the initial contact unless you want us to.

We are not sure where the common property starts and finishes in our building? This may be easily found on the strata plans with ‘bold’ and ‘faint’ lines, notations and  vinculum (backward ‘s’). If the plans are not clear you may consider an inspection or simply ask us a question, include photos or something to help us. We will provide you some answers which can lead to a resolution. In most cases the initial answer can be all you needed.

Do we need a By-Law to carry out works on or within your own lot? The answers are within the Act. It is also dependent on your by-laws for your strata plan.  We can review your work proposal and your by-laws and provide guidance of what you need to do before working on you lot.

I am not sure what I pay my levies for,  how do I find out?  The information is available in the ledgers of the accounts most likely issued to all owners at regular intervals. A strata search of your strata plan will also provide you the information. The administration levies are usually set by the known recurring expenditures.

The Capital Work Plan budget is set at each Annual General meeting, this is a cost budget for the foreseeable works required in the next 10 years.  If some work is required and not included in the resolved Capital Works Plan then an Extraordinary meeting is needed to set a special levy for the work.  We can help you understand all of these costs and also help you reallocate the budgets.

I can’t get to the strata committee meetings and need to ask some questions? Sometimes the attendance of none committee members disrupts the meetings. Although owners can attend as observers, it can help if an independent joins the meeting to observe and may be allowed to participate. We have success in assisting owners to get their long awaited questions answered by the committee.

At times inappropriate trade workers are engaged, the work is poorly completed and they do not come back to complete or repair it. how can we avoid this? Many of the engagements are made to the Strata Manager from a committee member or an occupier and can be lacking in detail, causing the engagement to be given with little or no detail and to an inappropriate trades person/company. These companies will charge you for the visit even if they do no work or the work is not completed/correct.  We can assist you by ensuing each and every engagement is carried out under some control by the issue of a detailed work order with appropriate conditions to the best suited trades person/company. Finished work should be inspected for quality and completeness before an approval is given to make a payment.

I need to ask the Committee/ Strata Manager some questions but I can’t get the wording right? You can contact us for a free consultation and this could help you to draft your questions. As Committees are volunteers their time is precious so a simply but detailed to the point question would assist the committee members. The same applies to Strata Managers, their time is expensive so a simple but detailed to the point question should enable them to respond with a single reply giving you the answer you are looking for.

Our Strata Manager/ Strata Management Company over promises and under delivers can this situation be changed?  Apartment living in NSW is enjoyed by 15% of residents, in over 83,000 schemes of which half the schemes are over 20 years old. It is not unreasonable to suggest that Strata Managers are too few and under resourced to manage multiple schemes of up to 40 strata schemes in their portfolio of which half could be over 20 years old requiring additional/serious attention. We provide the ad-hoc services for Strata Managers to enable any ‘disconnect’ between owners/committees to be bridged. This allows the Strata Manager to concentrate on their core services for your plan and allow the additional attention to be looked after by Strata Partnering Services.

We suffer a lot of expensive emergency call outs for works which perhaps could have been avoided. How can this cost be reduced? We are a pro-active and innovative team we pride ourselves in being able to remove call outs and excessive costs. Our early keen eye and pragmatic minds can always provide solutions of equitable benefits.


Strata Committees

Our service’s are an affordable ‘risk management process’ which mitigates known risks and avoids unnecessary costs.
A good result is the ‘job’ done once, within the time specified and value for money.
Chair meetings and record of minutes can be tedious, we are different and we enjoy this task, free yourself of this burden to enjoy other things. A trouble free meeting is one of our many traits.
Strata Partnering & Services is there to pick-up where and when the Strata Committee and the Strata Manager’s time fades.

No Building Manager or Caretaker, jobs don’t get done in a timely manner.  We provide you with a visiting building manager/caretaker  and take control of the day to day running of the common property. After our initial audit of the plan we will develop the most economical solutions to manage your common property. Essential services are at a greater risk of failing and cause a callout for emergency repairs to correct an incident. (call outs are at a cost to strata owners in NSW of $3.0M and no work gets done for this $3.0M). All works required are manageable items which we would be aware of. We organise for period inspections or actions. We manage appointments, access and duration of any works programmed. (Emergency work is un-budgeted and causes special levies).
We aim to stop inadvertently accepted quotes from specialists, trades and the handyman which are inappropriate or bias against the owners. These will place the strata committee at risk should the scope or the contract not be appropriate. We provide concise content of information specifically tailored to your requirements and the outcome expected from the job.

Contract conditions must be the Clients conditions. The Committee may not know which contract to engage, leaving the risk of inappropriate contracts and work orders being issued. We advise the ‘when’, ‘the how’, ’the type’ ‘the process’. We do checks on work status before payment is made avoiding early or overpayments.

Guidelines for when to accept single quotes, or a minimum of 3 quotes or when to call tenders.  Choosing the wrong method of engagement could seriously affect the outcome for the Client, and may exclude a preferred contractor. We carefully consider the type and style of contract to ensure the best outcome is created for our clients.

Updating By-Laws or adding ByLaws is an expensive service usually done without passion by Legal companies. We will draft your By-laws as you want them to encompass your desired requirements and be easily understood, they can then be validated and ratified by Lawyers at Land Registry.


Strata Managers

Is your day full of peripheral matters from a variety of sources cluttering up your planned tasks for the day and slowing up your goal of making your KPI’s.

We commit to working closely with you to provide the best possible early solutions for you with a single point of contact on all matters.
We assist you (with draft scripts for emails or work orders etc) to deliver realistic, timely and cost- effective outcomes/solutions for your clients. The joint actions generally result in value for money, increased certainty/closure, satisfaction for your clients and kudos for you. With a ‘no worry comfort’ for you and your Clients.

Our KPI’s are set to achieving the desired outcomes for a win-win situation, reducing risks of misappropriate communications etc. Wherever possible we aim to provide financial savings which are greater than our fees. These are created by avoiding such things as: excessive up-front deposits, unnecessary or inflated  costs, wrong work order/engagement, poor client terms and conditions, unqualified variations, delay claims and fictional disruptions, labour just not turning up. We aim to rid the Strata Industry of these costly issues.

Our services to you are targeted at working with you, assisting you to satisfy those specific needs which can be somewhat alien. An emphasis in the amended Act is on the Owners Corporation’s obligation to maintain and repair common property. Doing so often includes procuring (ordering) major and minor services. We are acutely aware of the errors and omissions that are synonymous with the very busy Strata Industry, observing some contractors/consultants systemically taking advantage of Clients who have not realised the risks they created with their commitments. We remove that ambiguity and these risks.

Company to Strata Title Conversion  With our experience covers the detailed overall management of the conversion of company titled blocks to strata title blocks. If you have one or more of these situations we would be pleased to actively assist you and provide a cost effective plan of conversion, or struggling with the time taken and complexity of a conversion in progress why not make an obligation free enquiry on how we can help.

Other Services Committee members although rational, intelligent volunteers without relevant experience may struggle to confidently progress procurement and building- related projects. We are here to pick-up where and when your time is allocated to none core activities or the jobs have landed in the ‘too hard basket’.

Issues occur for time to time of misappropriation of costs. We will do simple site visits to investigate the concern to ensure correct allocation of costs are made.  Checks on work status are beneficial before payment is completed, avoiding incomplete or substandard work being paid for.  We offer qualified reviews and propose useful conclusions. We look at insurance assessor reporting of claims and their acceptance or refusals. The findings are sometimes challenged and cases have been overturned to benefit the Owners.


Tell us what your concerns or queries are. We will provide you with easy to follow help and advice.

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